Thursday, December 14, 2006

Our Ministry to Him

Numbers 35

We see that the Lord instructed the people of Israel to provide cities for the Levites and pasturelands for their flocks.

This is an indication of the importance placed upon their ministry. As the priesthood, they were responsible to maintain relationship, if you will, with Him. They were the ones who served before Him day and night.

Today, all those who believe and call upon His name are a royal priesthood, with the privilege of day and night ministry to Him. We are to bring hearts of thanksgiving and worship daily. Sacrifice and offering are to be regularly given. Time in His presence, hearing from Him is to be routine (but never boring or taken for granted.)

For the people of Israel, this ministry was vital and guarded by the Lord.

How about your ministry before Him? As I read this passage I was reminded once again of the privilege and responsibility afforded me through grace. I have been made a priest. I can come before Him to hear, speak, worship, sacrifice, receive, and give thanks.

A priest. Time once again to act like one.