Friday, December 01, 2006

"It's That Time of Year"

So what do you know. I haven't even finished decorating the house (that is quite a procedure for me) and we've already hosted a party. A person does learn flexibility when living with adult children! I'm so glad they like to use our home for themselves and their friends. The candles were lit, music was playing, and I fell asleep to the sound of laughter. Not bad really, not bad at all.

The weekend shows signs of some of the crunch that comes with the holiday season. I guess I'm not altogether down on that. I know that sometimes we borrow stress and get pushed around by that emotional tyrant called "urgent". But the actual busy-ness is part and parcel of making this time of year more special. It just plain takes a bit more effort and time. There are no shortcuts to some of that. And in my book, it is well worth it. You know me; I'm all for celebration!

So for now I am off to tie some bows, hang a garland or two, and prepare some festive clothes for children to wear in a Christmas performance. He is so worthy of it all!