Monday, December 04, 2006

Beyond Behavior Modification

We sat together on the side of my bed. I put my arms around her as the tears silently slipped down her freckled cheeks. Her young, tender heart was full of disappointment - in herself. She had reached the precipice that everyone approaches at one time or other. The behavior she desired was way over there, out of reach, seemingly unattainable. Regular, somewhat consistent discipline and instruction had not been able to purge her unacceptable behavior.

So now what?

So now - Him.

This is the place, this is the precipice, that allows them - and all of us - to see Him. What we desire to be is way over there, what we are is stuck on this side, and there is a terrible gap betwixt. He alone is the bridge.

This is the moment for which parents need to pray and watch. This becomes an opportunity for a precious daughter or son to have a personal encounter with their Savior, their Redeemer. All those songs and scriptures suddenly are relevant. They, too, stand in need of forgiveness and grace. Their failure and weakness has become apparent, and we should be quick to point them to our own source of help in trouble. We can share testimony of how, in our own time of need, He met us. Our hearts have been transformed, He has enabled us to walk in holiness, and He delights to teach us His ways. He will do the same for them.

This is how hearts become changed. This is way beyond behavior modification.

But what brought my precious daughter face to face with her need? How did she find herself on the brink of an impassable escarpment?

In a word - training. Training fortifies our strengths and improves our weakness. It also discovers areas where we are deficient - hopelessly deficient.

I love the precipice. It is there that we build altars, find new hope, and discover His all-powerful grace to transform and enable us.

Oh, how I love to stand there with them as He reveals to them all His love and mercy. There is no better place.


Blogger The Truth of God teaches said...

Darlene, Oh, how many times I have stood there myself! Yes, the ONLY answer is Him and it is incredible to allow natural consequences to lead them to turn toward Him!
There are many transformations that occur on that bridge. I am watching some of them myself right now.
Wonderful post and reminder! catzndogz9

7:17 PM  

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