Sunday, December 31, 2006

Here Comes 2007 -- 70's Style!

"A 70's party -- that's what we'll do!" she exclaimed in her characteristically enthusiastic way, as she brainstormed fun ideas for her annual New Year's Eve fest. "It'll be a 70's theme. People will have to wear 70's clothes and we'll do a 70's trivia quiz. It'll be a blast!"

Mork and Mindy, Barbra Streisand, Petula Clark, Jim Morrison, and Bob Dylan celebrity photos line the dining room walls. Second Chapter of Acts and Keith Green albums hang in the corner. In my music room a disco ball disperses flashes of color and light as a real DJ system playing KC and the Sunshine Band gets us all moving a little quicker. My chandeliers no longer look colonial; in lieu of traditional flame lights they are decked with red Christmas bulbs. Quite the transformation. There are girls with white go-go boots, false eyelashes, belted ribbed turtlenecks, and (hold on) mini-skirts (not too mini and all with tights or Knee socks... is that okay?) The guys are sporting plaid pants and bell bottoms, shaggy haircuts, and vests. And really special is seeing my daughter wearing a dress I wore in college. My, that was a while ago.

It is fun, I must admit. The music started and I wanted to dance, dance, dance. (Have I told you lately that I love dancing, any dancing? I do. I really do.) The excitement is high as trivia is being discussed; names are being mentioned that are real to me and yet totally unknown to this young crowd.

It has been fun preparing, looking through yearbooks, googling trivia and fashion, remembering music and TV and movies and headlines from my earlier years. What was once so current and important has faded into yesterday and is already unfamiliar to a new generation, as obscure and remarkable as powdered wigs and John Adams.

A reminder amidst the fun: grass withers and flowers fade, but the Word of the Lord endures forever. We can either look and learn from history, understanding that only one thing spans all time. Or we can believe that these temporal things are of true value.

I'll choose eternity.

And I'll have fun tonight!

Happy New Year to all. May He fill your coming days with grace, mercy, and truth. He is Wonderful!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moments like these remind me why I'd love to be on the street where you live. :)

Happy New Year! You are a precious blessing in my life.

Much love ~

9:44 PM  
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