Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Teacher

A quiet day at the homefront as many of my children were in Syracuse shopping and making Christmas returns. They have just arrived home and I enjoyed seeing the booty! Almost as if I were able to go along myself...

I am trying to ascertain the length of this period of discomfort. Most everyone assures me that in time it should conclude and I will simply be left with a bulky, heavy left leg to drag around behind me. That will seem a bit better. Still, it sure makes one appreciate the design that God came up with - it far surpasses this one!

Thank you for your prayer. I am grateful for all your love and support.

Maybe soon I will have some substantive insights to share with you - and then again, perhaps not! But for now, this is it. I sit, I feel a bit dull - to the world around me as well as the Spirit, I spend my energies trying to figure out how to position my leg so it stops aching. Haven't quite succeeded there yet...maybe tomorrow.

And in all this He is holding me. It is not up to me to make the most of this time. That is not my part. My portion is to yield to His working. He will do the teaching. He will cause me to hear. He will lead me beside still waters. It is all Him. I just need to listen, follow, and obey.

Isn't He wonderful? Too, too wonderful?


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