Sunday, December 11, 2005

Lists and Things To Do

Brietta and Daniel have not yet moved into their new house, but it is close to the time when they will. Tonight they hosted a Christmas party there for the college ministry life group. So for now we consider it the "party house". Not many of us have a separate home just for entertaining! Danica and I were playing Elf by helping decorate this afternoon. What fun! It is so cozy and cute!

My son, Jamie, returns home on Wednesday. We excitedly await his arrival - he is missed by all of us!

My shopping was done, but now, as usual, I am thinking of more things to add to the list of things to give. I may be curtailed by the budget, but it is worth dreaming about!

I have no plans yet for cards or newsletters. Liana made a beautiful pen and ink drawing in art class that I may get printed. It is always so special to send out a homemade greeting!

This week is not planned. It needs to be. But then again, the plans must be flexible. Here's what's on the agenda so far. Tomorrow Danica and I will help Brietta look for some furnishings. Kids also have music lessons. Tuesday I meet a good friend in Potsdam for coffee. That night is Louissa's Christmas party for her piano students. And at 9pm we will all sit and watch "A Boyfriend For Christmas". Yep, that's right. Hallmark mush. We saw it last year and thought it was cute and fun - so we will catch it again this year!

I think the rest of the week is somewhat open. I promised my son-in-law that I would go shopping with him to help him get gifts for his new wife, Danica. There are tons of presents to be wrapped. And some school to do. And I do want to add some white status or baby's breath to my greens - but first I need to put out some greens.

Oh, my mom and dad also arrive Wednesday! So Brietta will have to be out of the apartment by then!

Cookies will need to be made and menus planned for parties.

I need to find a red plaid tie for Merrick.

A Williamsburg style centerpiece needs to be assembled.

Tomorrow I better sort out my gift closet and get my lists up to date. I shop for my Mom as well. It gets tricky, keeping it all straight with all these kids!

Well, now that I have publicly rambled on, trying to collect some thoughts, I must go. Once I get through some of these things I may have something more substantial to write!

But for now, this will do. It is part of my world!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i already watched a boyfriend for christmas . . . or at least the good part of it--when he first goes to her house as a gift, and then goes to her parents with her : )

i can't wait to be home! love you

2:32 AM  
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