Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Family Times

Last night we had our weekly Sinclair family dinner/evening at Danica's home. We total 15 these days and had two guests there as well. Actually, one of them was a "practically family member" and the other was Danica's landlord and longtime family friend. Her little apartment was brimming with Christmas festivity. The tree was brightly lit, candles glowed, greenery lined the windows and shelves, and the wonderful meal was finished off with frosted rum logs, white-piped pepparkakor, and yummy chocolate filled Christmas trees. Songs, music, and dance filled the evening hour. It was a fun time!

Although it was our weekly get-together, I guess it sounds more like a party. I remember my good friend, Iris, smiling and saying, "Any time you all sit down to eat there's a party at your house!"

True, true. Happy families are a good thing.

His ideas usually are.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture of the heart your daughter carries for her home! Thanks for a picture of the love and fun you all share...

3:01 PM  
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