Sunday, December 25, 2005

Sitting Still

Okay - the reality of climbing stairs with crutches for the next several weeks is registering. And it doesn't sound like fun. Imagine that...

The family is gathered at the table preparing to give thanks. My leg has just found a comfortable position after several hours of searching for a respite from the achiness, so I have passed on joining them. I am sure it looks beautiful - festive and sparkling!

I think I will be very glad to be feeling better. Perhaps I will take advantage of the required rest time and write. Rick had suggested that we put together some booklets to bring to Spain this March when we share about homeschooling at the conference there. It looked like an impossibility before, but now it may just become reality. That would be exciting!

It has been an unusual Christmas Day, but great none the less. I am looking forward to seeing what God has planned for this next chapter of my life. This much I know: it is not what I had expected, but then, His ways never are!

Be blessed this holiday season as we celebrate our Saviour and look to another year of service to our great and glorious King!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Darlene,
It's Pauline from Palmerston, Ont. I met you at the Above Rubies Retreat in September. Sorry about your accident and I hope that you heal quickly. It was encouraging to me to accept today those things I wish would be different in my life when I read the way you've accepted what happened to you. I am blessed to read your posts. You do have a special place in my heart as I ponder our time together at the retreat. God bless.

11:19 PM  

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