Friday, December 16, 2005

Pleasant Lines

Young men are watching a chic flick in my family room (actually, it is a classic - The Importance of Being Earnest.) The snow falls gently outside the window. My three youngest are off sledding with a nephew and brother-in-law. I have been busily wrapping gift after gift, ordering a few more, and helping plan Christmas greetings for far-off friends (I know, I know - a bit late.) Jamie is home and Mom and Dad have joined us, which completes the family in Madrid. We are all here for the holiday.

Life is pleasant today. Even so, I am finding that there is no comfort in that, only temporary enjoyment. I am not trying to be dismal - just real. I accept with gladness such delightful times. But I am accutely aware of the passing of such moments, such days, such seasons.

As I am often found to say, "Some day we will all be in heaven." Oh, what eternal and everlasting joy that will be. And oh, I do long for such a day!


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