Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Look Again

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.   Romans 8.18
So. There you have it. Our sufferings are not even worthy of comparison - they don't merit consideration, are not significant enough to deserve contemplation - when compared with the condition that will be ours.

And yet it is so very easy to get caught up with the sorrow, the lack, the suffering, the pain. Life supplies challenging and hard seasons. We must admit that to be true. But...

...we must recognize that the greatest thing is His promise. In all honesty, I have seen Christ transform me in measure through the difficulties of life. The work He does is wonderful, outweighing every hard thing, supplying grace in times of suffering. And beyond this limited existence that we know here on earth eternity looms, awaiting His rule and reign.

So no more majoring on the hard things, the difficult situations, the "woe-is-me" stuff. Eyes riveted to the future, the hope, the glory that is to be revealed, we will press on and overcome the trouble, the disappointment, the sacrifice.

I am reminded today that no thing compares. Nothing.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

It's a Bullet Day

  • Uber excited about Jesus! And freshly stirred to believe Him, trust Him, and rejoice in Him alone! I've been studying His great salvation, the gospels, His mercy and love unending, and deciding once again that there is absolutely NOTHING better in this whole wide wonderful world than to live for His glorious will for my life. And praying that SO many others will decide that soon as well!
  • Planning a European journey for ministry AND a field trip. Hey, I figure there are plenty of sacrifices made by homeschooling families, so I'll take full advantage of the perks, too. Here's the thought: if we are investing money in airfare to get there for ministry purposes, let's add a little more money, extend the time a couple of weeks, and visit some friends while sightseeing! My two students will be coming to serve the Spanish church. But we will start our tour in Germany! I'm only exploring options, and maybe it won't pan out, but hey -- it's worth a try, right? A castle on the Rhine? Come on -- who wouldn't want to see that?
  • Still not in routine. It eludes us. Truly. But Lit class meets today. That is one regular thing at least. Oh, the kids are doing math and reading and all that stuff. But not in an orderly fashion with Mom sitting and helping. I miss it. Lots. So I'll keep trying to hit the pace!
  • Ron Paul is still being championed here. Merrick asked me if we would be campaigning anywhere in March. As if it is standard fare or something... Well, we'll see. After all, I hate to disappoint a young man...
  •  Did you know that you should pray to be drawn away from temptation and delivered -- even before it happens? "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil." I pray that for me and most definitely for my kiddos. I'm a mom, you know. I have their best interest at heart. Kinda always. It's part of the deal. I can see that the challenge will continue since the enemy is not about to give up. But I have the CHAMPION on my side. In case you wondered, He WINS!!
  •  Did you detect a bit of glee, a twinkle of mischief in my eye, a touch of smug defiance in that last line of that last bullet? Hmm... you may have a future in acting! Ciao!

Friday, February 03, 2012

On the Emmaus Road

"Where is God? Why don't I see Him in my life?" I've heard this before, from my mouth and others.

Two disciples had walked with Jesus, heard His words, seen Him perform miracles, and experienced His love. Then He was crucified. He died. His body succumbed to death. And they found themselves saying, "We had hoped..."

We had hoped...

Past tense. That means that hope was no longer in existence, hope was gone, finished.

Days later we find Jesus again walking with them, talking with them -- Jesus, the man with whom they had spent time, listening and loving. And trusting. He had returned to them but they could not recognize Him.

We are not unlike these men. Not at all. We hope, we trust, we believe. Then death visits the thing we hoped for; if we are not careful, we lose heart. Our faith falters. And before long we are "conversing and reasoning" as they were. In no time at all our reasoning results in carnal doubt. Soon God is questioned. He's on trial, accused and blamed. And hope itself dies.

The result? The symptom of this phenomenon? We fail to see Jesus, to recognize His voice. His daily blessings go unnoticed, His faithful Hand is not acknowledged. His goodness in unnoticed and forgotten.

So, turn your eyes to Him. Ask for His renewal. Put yourself in His presence. Whisper your request to Him. He renews hope and faith. Always.

'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, Just to take Him at His word.
Just to stand upon His promise, Just to say, "Thus saith the Lord."

Jesus, Jesus, How I trust Him, How I've proved Him o'er and o'er.
Jesus, Jesus, Precious Jesus; Oh, for grace to trust Him more.

Fannie Crosby

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Lazarus Lessons

Lazarus was in the tomb. Four days in the tomb. The situation not only felt bad, it smelled bad and looked bad. The stench of death is not a pretty one. The overwhelming stink turns the strongest of stomachs and drives one away, far away.

But the appearance of the "reality" of death was not the true reality.

I have seen the appearance of the "reality" of death visit promises, touch dreams, and effect situations. But God is speaking, reminding me and you that He is NOT too late. Even if such an appearance lingers for days, months, or years He will come and we will see Him speak life into every promise, cause dreams to become established, and have His glorious purpose accomplished in every situation.

Shake off the doldrums, the mulligrubs, the sour face. Put away sad tidings of doom and gloom and...

AWAKE, ARISE, and give Him praise! Real, earnest, LOUD praise!
Rejoice THIS day for He who has saved you will do great things!!!

We are the people who walk by faith, not by sight. Glorious faith, glorious God, glorious living!!

Aren't you glad?