Monday, October 17, 2011

All In a Day

Brightly colored bottles of nail polish sit beside couches and chairs where only hours earlier pretty ladies added finishing touches. On the dining table I see varying shades of peach and rust spools of thread with needles, left right where skilled hands made last minute repairs. Hair blower attachments nestle on a side table amidst autumnal decor of Pilgrim figures and turkeys in a corner of the room that had temporarily become a salon. On the floor can be found dropped petals from artfully arranged bouquets.

And my empty front room boasts a single upholstered chair, carefully positioned in dead center, where a beautiful bride poised with ten lovely ladies for photos to commemorate a once in a life time day.

The preparations had been made, we were whisked away for a celebration of something miraculous - God making two people one. Receptions followed, beautiful and joyful. Songs, music, dancing, laughter and happy wishes. Blessings pronounced and the two who were one departed.

Home again at last and this is what remains of the day.

I sigh. I shed more than just a tear. One plans and schemes for weeks, arranging menus, schedules, and ceremony. We contemplate each hour. We slice the day into the necessary slivers. Every detail is considered to make each and every moment count. But at the end of the day there are yet only 24 hours. Nothing done can alter or amend that number. Believe me, I've tried.

And now her side of the bed is empty, her closet is empty. Even her piano is gone.

I sigh once again.

But she is off to a new adventure, and her God is with her, always beside her. He has blessed her with a wonderful man whose heart's passion is to serve his God, her God. I am happy and thrilled to see their future unfold.

And even so, this mama's heart is a bit achy this morning. I hope that's okay. I am pretty sure that Josiah will understand. I think his mama's heart is a bit achy, too.