Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Springtime brings blooms. In the natural.

But by His great goodness, we often bring forth blooms out of season and fruit comes with mid-winter snow.

Maybe we've been amiss. Perhaps we failed to understand something. Sin nipped the bud, or we quenched the spirit. Whatever and however. The point is: we missed it. A chance, an opportunity, an omission, a commission.

And now, because of mercy and grace, faithfulness and justice applied in His name, we bloom. Right here in autumn, bringing promise of mid-winter fruit.

And once again we rejoice and declare that our God reigns. Our God of seasons, of times, of planting and harvest - He reigns over days, even our days. Yours and mine.

Because of Him, we bloom. Here and now.

And fruit is born - by you and me.