Friday, November 23, 2012

Day Post Thanksgiving

With two very expectant mothers-to-be in my home, plans are made with them in mind. A leisurely "get your own" breakfast of eggs, oatmeal, toast, or leftover pie was followed by morning showers then discussion of what would be next. Consulting 4-6 daughters and husbands and children while starting chili (dinner planned: check) takes effort. By the time we decided to take a stroll, kids were needing lunch. So, peanut butter and jelly was in order. (lunch served: check)

That done, we at last would take that stroll. One step off the the porch and Danica felt a big fat drop on her cheek. Half a block later and we all turned around. Hmmm...

Kids were put down for naps, a game of Clue started by some others, and Danica and I took Carina to SLU Bookstore for a diversion. An hour or so later we returned home. Mmmm-mmm! Chili smells good when stepping in from a cold, fall afternoon outing. Rick then headed out for the evening service in Moira. I love him. Such a wonderful man.

22 places were set around two tables. Cornbread was made. Bowls stacked, silverware in basket, and dinner served buffet style. Lively discussion ensued, yummy food consumed, clean up done, and then families headed home to get little ones in bed.

Those left at 1942 engaged in plans for an evening viewing. 40 minutes later a movie was finally selected (there were many preferences and opinions to consider) and we leisurely settle in. A few minutes of Jeopardy were enjoyed before hitting the remote control "play" button.

And now - here I am, filling you in on this family-style day.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 2012 at the Dunphey Household

The gathering of kindred folk, by blood or by creed.
Consumption of varied dishes, familiar and welcomed.
Music around a piano with voices in unison, then in harmony.
Games in the basement on tables befitting.
Ladies lingering in laughter made warmer by fire's blaze.
Children playing, napping, and crying, consoled by loving aunts.

All for this: a Recollection of God's favor, mercy, and sacrificial love.
Thanksgiving forever due.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Time puddles at my feet, reflecting iridescent images.

When was that?
Who is that girl?
Those words, that laughter... the tears.
Where do I go and how do I get there?

Illusion? Is memory illusion or reality? If it is real, how do I get there?

My feet are bound and time puddles at my feet.

Back Again

For technological reasons of which I have absolutely no understanding, I have been unable to post for quite some time. But now, that situation is resolved. I hope for more changes in the near future, but at least I am able to write on a blank page and post. That, elementary as it may be, is the main goal.


Life is leaving me fuzzier, dizzier. Existence is surreal. Time overwhelmingly mystifies, simplicity is elusive. What was easy is now difficult, satisfaction is not to be attained, the sure has evaporated.

Perspective has altered all.

All, but one: Jesus saves.

Such eternal truth only focuses more and more clearly as collected time on earth colors, fades, straightens, skews, rearranges, and dizzies my view of life.
Now? Now?
The sight of Him - the portal of all everlasting truth, love, goodness - is all I know. Know. Of a surety, I know.

And oh, how I love Jesus.