Monday, August 02, 2010


My g-mail inbox is symptomatic of a person whose children are adults with busy lives. An almost vain attempt to keep tabs on everyone's happenings, I am never sure of who has read what or responded most currently. The "family" mail threads can become so long that they get tangled and snarled like the overly long thread on my needle when I'm hoping to avoid re-threading during a hemming job.

Recently my son has been asking for fashion input and help. Shopping has never interested him, and online shopping can actually be even more tedious for many. No touching, trying, or sampling can leave you feeling a bit insecure or dubious. So, links are passed along by those who enjoy shopping, and opinions are plentiful about what is or isn't liked.

Fashion links, planning rides for vacations, arranging birthday parties and other celebrations, forwards of photos for home decor, questions about who is free to babysit, when is someone going to Potsdam, G&G are here now - come on down to visit, Mom - do you remember what time that meeting is, etc. etc.

It is a veritable online frenzy! Phew -- I'm not sure if this has simplified or complicated life. How is your in-box these days?


Blogger nymrsb said...

Though as mom I would like to know every schedule, I've learned I can't keep up. I *try* to remember that since mine are now adults they need to take responsibility for their dates, times, meetings, etc. If I can find out how many are around for dinner, I'm satisfied :)

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Growing up in a family of 9 children, as well, but realizing that it was a different "time" than what you experience with your children today,(although, it wasn't that many years ago! ;o), I guess, looking back, my mom just could not keep up with things. However, when we became adults, she never really tried to that much, knowing that she couldn't. We, too, had adults still living under the roof, as you, but she just did her best to "maintain" the house and, despite all the confusion and happenings, we somehow managed!! It might have seemed CRAZY at times, but....I LOVED it and don't have any regrets that "mom" didn't always know everything going on! We understood....with so many kids and so much going on in our lives! We leaned on each other and what a blessing that is with having 8 siblings!!

8:05 AM  
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