Monday, June 28, 2010

A New World

"Nice to see you again!" we say upon encountering an old classmate on Facebook.

"Oh, I met him last year -- but when I finally really saw him in person he did not look like I expected."

"Yeah, I know her. We're friends on Facebook because she is my sister's friend, too!" Has this person ever really talked with said acquaintance? Possibly not... unless chatting online constitutes "talking".

We of the older set need to adjust, learn new shades of meanings for time-tested vocabulary, and accept that "virtually real" calendar or list on the screen as equal to a paper one hanging on the wall. It needs to be as readily trusted somehow. Does anyone else feel that longing, that dependence, that need for a piece of paper with real ink on it before they can sense that a permanent commitment has been fixed, that it won't disappear somehow into oblivion? Well, somehow I must get over it. I suppose in time I will.

But this relationship stuff leaves me wondering. Huh. Will we lose much before we recognize the loss, learn hard lessons, and struggle to regain good social skills? What will replace personal encounters? Can anything replace them?

Lots to discover and maneuver and explore. Here's to the pioneers! May they go forth with wisdom and care.