Friday, July 16, 2010


:: My rehearsal was fun last night for lots of reasons. But I'm really excited about this: I got "choreographed" into a servant's scene! Now that's what I've been hoping for. It's only for a quick minute or two, but -- I'm easily pleased!

:: I LOVE to hear from my traveling girls. Talked with Julia via good ol' fashioned phone, and Liana wrote on her blog and facebook. Wonderful!

:: Helping work on costumes gets me excited and then can leave me so, so disappointed. Then excited again -- then... Well, you get the picture.

:: Spending this time with little buddy is the best. He's doing great in the show, the director loves working with him, and that's great for my little buddy. He's finding opportunities and venues where he really shines!

:: Busily helping Carina plan decor for her new salon. Does mom enjoy this? You betcha!!

:: Camilla and Jess are keeping things on the homefront moving along. They babysit the grandkiddos and toss in some laundry. But mostly they read Christy Miller books. Hope that's not supposed to be a secret!

:: My mom and dad are coming up on the 28th to see the show. They will stay with Ryan and Danica for a week, if it goes well. I'm praying for some good times together.

:: Louissa chips away at her job, keeping the church functioning and events happening. What a girl! Don't see her enough, even though she lives right here under this same roof!!

:: Two daughters are traveling with their little families to visit in-laws. Lord, keep them safe and use them to bring a blessing!


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You forgot Jamie! :-)


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