Friday, June 18, 2010

Catch-up Time

BMI Showcase of New Artist Pick of the Month. Julia played at Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan. Was a charming, intimate venue with a full house and pleasant audience. Lots of BMI folks there, an agent or two, Redlight Management people. And lots of Julia fans! A great show.

A night/day in Manhattan. Following the show, the kids traveled to Aunt Judy's house on LI while hubby and I took a brief but delightful vacation in the city. Waking up to busy street sounds, looking out the window to see school children walking with their parents, business ladies dressed in suits and sneakers, a young woman with a cello strapped to her back, and realizing that it was business as usual in NYC for all of them was amazing as always. Everyday life in such a place. So hard to imagine. But delightful, none the less.

Rick and I parked near the theater where later we would see the matinee performance of A Little Night Music with Catherine Zeta-Jones (Angela Lansbury's role was covered by her understudy). Once parked we hopped on a subway to Chelsea in the lower westside. We strolled, enjoyed breakfast at a favorite place, Rafaella's, then bought dessert for nibbling then and later at Billy's Bakery. The cupcake was luscious and the cheesecake was to die for. Wondering if Billy shares recipes.

The show was impeccable in many ways. Delightful singing, wonderful music, lovely costumes, and acting that was so very strong. The story, which centered only on adultery and immorality, was a bit tiresome, but then again, a reminder that some folks lives are thus focused. The end is empty and lonely. Jesus promises abundant life, doesn't He? Amen.

The trip home. Tiring, but when my turn to drive came, hubby rested in the back and Julia kept me company. I always love to spend time with my lovelies. We chatted about all sorts of things and nothing in particular. Just chatted. Love her!

The next morning was a "first thing in the morning" kind of morning. I had a dentist appointment at noon in Watertown. So, a quick tidying of the bedroom, an even quicker visit down street with daughter's family, and off I went. Home again to dance class in Potsdam -- WONDERFUL class!! Then Annie rehearsal.

And now, here I am, catching you up on these past couple of days. As if you needed to know all of that...


Blogger sam said...

I loved this little catching up post, sounds like a lovely time.

10:12 AM  
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