Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Solstice? Really?

Summer officially has arrived. Why does it feel like it's been here already for months?

Is it the unseasonably hot weather we experienced all through May?
Perhaps the flowers that are about two weeks ahead of schedule in their blooming this year?
Or is it because my children, last month, commenced what are typically summer adventures?

I cannot say. But it has become standard for me to feel about one season behind. This summer I feel like the season's official start is late.

I continue to submit: time is a strange thing -- elastic, as my husband is wont to say. Stretching and expanding, then snapping short again.

And I continue to submit this also: someday we will be in heaven and that sounds wonderful to me.


7 Things I'm Grateful For Today

* Gigi and her morning time chirping.
* A most wonderful and amazing husband.
* Flowers throughout the house, gathered from beautiful gardens by my 11 yr. old son.
* A day at home for catching up laundry and lines (I hope!)
* Hope, in God alone, for the future.
* My children -- forever I will be grateful to God for His plans which gloriously surpass any of my own design.
* Song and dance. I love such things.


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