Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another Season - Another Show!

Annie begins! Soon I will become Grace Farrell, personal secretary to Daddy Warbucks.

I've alluded in recent posts to rehearsals for Annie commencing. Tomorrow. It's the first one. And I'm a tad bit excited!

I've copied my lines, tagged the scenes, researched hair styles and fashions. I've drilled material for tomorrow night's rehearsal and looked over the rest of the week's ensemble pieces. I've worked out regularly, started summer dance classes, and lost some weight (not the full amount designated, but maybe in time it will all be gone.)

I've not kept up the vocal disciplines needed. Will need to show more faithfulness in that. Immediately. As in later today. It is a must. My role doesn't have large amounts of solo singing but I do alot of ensemble work and the range lies in a high register. I need to be on my game if I want to survive with all my vocal chords intact!

And I've not shaped up my sense of who Grace Farrell is entirely. That will partly come as the lines are staged and I get to interact with the other characters. But mostly it will come in my bedroom as I hammer all those words into my memory banks (these days it takes a sledge hammer.) Once I have learned them thoroughly they will begin to take on a life of their own; Grace will become a real person with a complete personality that must come through in each and every line and movement.

Do all people enjoy hobbies as much as I do this one? I love it!

The down side? It consumes my life for 6 weeks or so. I guess that is okay. It isn't the kind of thing that can be spread out over a semester or school year like bowling or tennis. It can't be taken out and put away at my convenience like knitting or crocheting. When you're on you're on, but then it's over. Put away until the next season.

But during those 6 weeks I am energized, excited, stretched, delighted, engrossed and engaged and enlivened.

So hold on -- you'll be hearing all about this stage experience. What can I say? It will fill my world for the next month and a half. Annie. Here it comes!