Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Theater Phenomenon

There is something that happens at the end of every theater production that all participants will attest to: withdrawal.

Is it because the concerted effort is suddenly completed? The relationships forged after hours of intense rehearsal together are no longer essential? The adrenalin rush of performance in front of an audience is past? An intimacy developed with the actual characters you are playing must be packed away? (I know, that sounds so "artsy" -- but it's true. They become real people to you, and you miss them.)

I've been at this for some years now, this theater stuff. I've tried to short circuit this let down effect. But as of yet, it appears inevitable.

This time around, I left town first thing the next morning for vacation with family. It has been wonderful, but I still have moments of melancholy. Weird. I am wanting to talk about the show, to relive the joy -- after all, it filled my world for several weeks, it and the people with whom I worked so closely.

But, it's time to move on. The real world beckons. Children need loving. Gardens await weeding and mulching. The fall season requires planning and forethought. It is time.

So, slowly I crawl back from my world of make-believe to this place of reality. And that is totally good and I choose to be ready. But as of yet, I have no solution regarding this phenomenon. After all, those weeks of make-believe were packed with intense energy and fun. Really.


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