Friday, June 26, 2009

My Day Finally Begins

Home at 4:54 -- in the wee morning hours. The sun was working its way over the horizon. And we were just pulling into town, heading to bed. This is not normal for me.

So now I'm relaxing on the side porch with several favorite people. Homemade toast, jam, and coffee were devoured a bit ago, and I busily check all my morning essential online contacts. That takes time, my friend. The sun is hot, but some clouds moving in are providing opportunities for cool breezes. Nice.

Joining me on the porch now is one of last night's wanderers, up for the day. So I'm listening to stories from my celebrity type daughter. Her music is well received everywhere she goes. The big guys in LA liked her -- LOVED her -- so it is decision time for Dad and her. LA is awfully far away. Dad and Julesie will be meeting, hopefully this week, with a NYC contact to explore options there. That would be closer to home. But, it may not be the way that God leads. Ahhh.... the big leagues. It's looking more and more like a reality. Please pray for her if you think of it. God has something in mind here, and we know we have an adversary. Thanks.