Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Phizzzz In Life

He needed to hear something to build. He was in a desperate place of need. What could I possibly share? Where would I begin?

Without the Word of God peppering my words of comfort, counsel, rejoicing -- whatever -- the commentary is flat. Like pop with no punch. Alka Seltzer with no fizzle. Lawrence Welk with no bubbles.

I remembered once again that I have no substance of value to share apart from those eternal nuggets of truth which endure forever. Someone needed bolstering -- what is better than a Psalm? A dear one was lacking confidence -- what better than Paul's words of hope in Christ? My nephew needs schooling -- so did the Corinthian church.

Oh, it quenches the thirsty, fills the hungry, stirs the faint of heart. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. We are taught, enlarged, encouraged again and again.

Sing them over again to me -- wonderful words of life.
Let me more of their beauty see -- wonderful words of life.

There is nothing better for a quick pick me up than the wonderful Word of God.


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