Monday, July 06, 2009

Just An Update

The gardens are a riot of color, in spite of my lack of attention. I love seeing such beauty, although with each new bloom I find myself in wonder at that passing season. Why do I still find it hard to believe that summer is progressing? Is it the cool weather? The fact that I've not been outdoors to work even once this year? I do still have intentions of a good weeding and edging effort one of these days. Maybe once I feel certain that all of my King & I lines are well polished. But who can say if that will ever happen.

Today the director from NYC arrives to begin blocking and putting this show together. Can I say that I am a bit excited! What fun this will be, what a challenge! I am looking forward to seeing my abilities stretched. I pray that I will be able to keep up and grow with the demand.

My house emptied out quite a bit toward the end of last week. Fortunately, many of those travelers will return in a few days and we can all catch up with each others doings. I miss them.

I've had some concerns, been in a place of need. God has faithfully heard my cry. He restores, renews, and is a continual fount of mercy and grace. I know. That is not surprising to those who have tasted of His goodness. But on the other hand, it is continual good news that never grows old. Oh, how grateful is this blessed soul! I will forever sing the praises of His great faithfulness!


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