Saturday, January 24, 2009

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time seasons moved slowly. I anticipated them then, waiting not so patiently.

Once upon a time I was eager for that new season, tired of the old. It would bring change, adventure, something new.

Once upon a time.

Now a new season arrives, catching me unaware at its appearing, finding me unprepared. The business of the current season is still undone. But the next one has emerged, so move on. Move on.

Now the seasons arrive without great excitement or anticipation. I am too busy savoring, or surviving, or subsisting.


Is this usual? Is this common to those my age?

Is it because we have learned that seasons disappear like sands through the hour glass? Has the wisdom of living fully in the present become ours? Do we know a secret -- a season, once past, is truly past, not to be experienced again?

Once upon a time I hungered for change, seeing the possibilities.

Now I look for change, knowing the expense.

"Lay down your life,
Take up your cross.
Die daily and find new life in Me."


Blogger Tammy said...

So aptly spoken! What seemed like slow seasons are now realized to have passed quickly, so quickly that you savor present moments more fully hoping to remember all the details!

Tammy ~@~

7:59 PM  

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