Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Request

The weightiness of my nephew's plight lies heavy on my heart. It's inescapable. A moment's pondering and I'm sure you will feel it as well.

I will be 68 years old when he gets out. That puts it in perspective.

I can only imagine lying on the bunk, alone all day, everyday. The overwhelming gut-ache of homesickness, normally comforted with the recollection of, "Only 2 more weeks and I'll go home." Or, Mom saying, "It's just a year, Louissa. You can do this. It won't be long and you'll be home." But where is the consolation for his homesickness? What comforting reminder can be offered?

Some of my favorite memories, my best years, were lived out during my young adult to middle age years. How unimaginable for me the thought of spending them as he will. Such sorrow grips him if he allows his mind to go there.

Yet -- this I have to offer: knowledge of a God who promises hope, a God who can redeem the years the locust has eaten, a God who helps us realize that a day in His courts is far better than life lived anywhere else. I experience peace that passes understanding and reconciliation with God Almighty. I know complete and utter forgiveness, a removal of every wrong-doing. And I have joy -- deep, unending joy.

My nephew's choices had led him into a pit, a prison of his own choosing, shackled by sin, a slave to passions. Now, although he may live in a bondage devised by man, he is looking upward toward the One who can bring liberty that cannot be removed, a liberty in the midst of his prison.

My prayer is that he might find freedom from sinful passions of the flesh, a lifting of the weight of shame and sorrow. May he know that life with Him is better than life in any other place apart from His presence.

Please, join with me in that prayer today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Darlene, I know what it is like to have someone close to you in prison. My brother has been their since 2001 as a result of bad choices and wrong decisions. We write to him often and visit him once a month in the spring and summer. We are fortunate to have him less than two hours from my house. God has been close to him. He had been a back slidden rebellious christian and now he is serving God and studying hims Bible. He has less than two years left. But God has blessed him in s trange ways since he has started serving him. He has the favor of the guards...there is a definite difference in the way they treat him and the other inmates. It is very obvious. So even in that awful place God has made it bearable for him. We will be praying for him!! Sherry Harmer

7:46 AM  
Blogger sam said...

My heart has been heavy since reading your post yesterday as well. I have been praying for him, for you all, and I will continue.

7:57 AM  
Blogger 르네 said...

tough stuff.

thank you for your continued love and commitment in his life - I'm sure he appreciates that more than he can convey.

God has a way of becoming utterly real when we are at the very bottom of ourselves - I pray that this is a time of refocusing and surrender, of God's overwhelming love and grace, of strength and peace - I pray that God permeates the whole situation and family.

10:34 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Your nephew has been on my heart since reading your last post. I will continue to pray for victory and freedom in his life.

11:17 AM  

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