Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Element s of Defrocking

Although I'm a bit tardy by some standards, at least it's finally happening. Christmas decor is coming down, getting sorted and boxed, and dragged up the stairs to the attic once again.

I have my excuses: a holiday wedding followed by my two youngest girls away for 9 days on a missions trip. And me. I just plain didn't feel like doing it sooner. How's that for a reason.

It's not because I loathe taking down the festive color and sparkle. I agree with another blogger: it provides a great opportunity for deep cleaning. Spring cleaning eludes me -- I'm usually too, too busy with other things when spring arrives. So January offers the chance to get in there and scrub.

Yesterday I pulled out the stove for just such reasons and, YUCK -- double YUCK!! Whoa! "Who's been neglecting this job? Was this needed or what?!" And then the pullout pantry shelves were next. YUCK. Not double yuck, but yuck just the same.

I called Merrick to remove the Advent calendar ornaments from the little lighted tree that stands in the dining room. He gladly took them, one by one, and placed them back in the calendar that will hold them for next season's daily story-telling. Tears filled my eyes as I peeked in through the door, listening to his boy soprano voice quietly singing Away in a Manger, a song inspired by his glancing over the little booklets. "How much longer will this enchant him?" I wondered to myself. "He is my last one to do this with. How much longer?" Oh, my heart. He seems to understand these things himself, clinging to his childhood happily, not eager to relinquish it but rather savoring its specialness. Is it because he sees older siblings growing, or is it because of nephews who change before his eyes? Or is he sensitive to my twinges of sadness? Whatever the reason, I will enjoy his enjoyment of these days.

Oh, the cost of such lessons.


Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

even when we don't have the treat of hearing that beautiful soprano voice, I can say assuredly we will be hearing Merrick singing as he put away the Christmas ornaments for many a year to come.....

8:22 AM  
Blogger Keila said...

As you mention the advent calendar, we have wanted to do one, but don´t really know where to get a nice one. All we´ve found is candy ones and I really don´t know where to look or exactly what to look for it being something I had never seen or done before... what do you suggest?

10:29 PM  

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