Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yesterday I spent 5+ hours at an auction. I came home with a partial set of china (soup bowls and a couple of covered serving dishes) and an old copper boiler. The latter now sits in the family room holding some wooden logs for my fireplace. The china did duty at today's lunch of fish chowder. I include the recipe because it was absolutely the yummiest chowder I ever made. Did I follow the recipe precisely? I'll let those of you who know me take a guess at that...

Today's lunch was inspired by the recommendation to view an HBO series on John Adams. Family and friends gathered in our family room for almost 3 hours as we viewed the first of three discs. Now granted, I'm an easy sell on this stuff; I love historical settings. I really, really love them. But none-the-less, what I've seen so far is sincerely great stuff. If you're not currently a fan of history, this might be the series to convince you otherwise. I'm renting it through Netflix, but your local library may have it available. Highly recommended.

I've somewhat successfully completed a full week of silence. On to week two. I say somewhat because at least a few times each day I find myself either talking to myself in a whisper, or blurting out the beginning of an answer to a question posed. It's pretty automatic, I'm afraid -- but I'm trying to break such familiar habits.

My two youngest girls are home from a quick missions trip to some churches in Mexico. They were handing out Christmas gifts at special services, touching the lives of children and their parents. Tomorrow we will hear all the wonderful details. I have confidence that God did great things in their young hearts, as well as the hearts of those they served. I'm happy they went, happy they are home again.

Presently the game is on. Pittsburgh is winning handily. The little yellow house down the street is full of happy celebrants at the time being, of that I am sure. But it's not over yet.

Saw some wedding pics tonight. Soon they will become public. Pretty special, I must say.

Maybe there will be something of substance here tomorrow -- maybe. Hey, you never know...