Saturday, January 10, 2009

Big Things, Little Things

We all dream of doing great things. What in the world those great things are depend on you -- your talents, your background, your friends.

Until God intervenes. If you allow Him to intervene, that is.

But if we do let Him meddle one thing is assured: what was big becomes trivial, what was small takes on significance. His ways are most definitely not our ways.

If you're looking for your pride to be fed, you may not want Him to intervene. If you're looking for accolades galore, try another approach. If fame, riches, and worldly success matter -- or comfort, pleasure, and earthly delights -- I think you may be disappointed with a life invested in service to Him.

But if you prefer to touch eternity with your fingerprints and see broken lives healed, sign up for His will. If you would rather please Him than yourself and are willing to sacrifice your momentary comfort for heavenly treasure, His is the plan you are looking for.

Put on Holy Spirit glasses, see from His perspective. Things turn upside down; small becomes big, big - small.

Lord, hear my heart today. Let me see according to Your will. Let my vision be Yours. Help my husband to live for You, seeing what You desire for him and therefore for us. Let us get right perspective on the little things.

Hear my mother's heart. Turn my children's understanding around that they might know what is truly significant. Let them run after the truly important thing: Your Holy will, Your Holy heart.

And hear the cry of a friend. In this New Year, may my friends be those who pursue You in all ways, in all things, in every place. May we see that 2009 is a year full of Holy design and purpose, and may we relinquish our loves, our dreams, our very lives to see the fulfillment of Your Holy plans.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I so love your post today Darlene. God is confirming many things that we are both feeling at the same time. My post the other day relates to yours today. Sometimes our will gets in the way of His will. He's an awesome God and I'm always ready to do what He wants out of great love for him and obedience to him and his will.
Love you lots,

3:32 PM  

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