Saturday, October 11, 2008

Being Fruitful?

Several bushels of apples, primarily Cortland and 20-ounces, sit on my kitchen floor demanding attention. So... I think that today we will be making scads of apple pies, cooking up a huge pot of apple sauce, and filling freezer bags with the remaining red and green specimens. Yummy! A girl raised in the farming community of Williamson, NY loves this season of apple-y-goodness!

A pressure cooker might in some way illustrate my past few days, with too many preparations and doings to fit into single 24-hour periods. Much has been accomplished; much is yet to be done. Still, I have procured, over the years, a knowledge of how to survive such demanding seasons. Consequently I will look at the list of the undone, acquiesce to the elimination of such items that were merely desires versus essential, accept that even the essential may receive less than perfect attention, and trust - really trust -- in His love and grace to cover. Then I will get on to the important task of investing in my home and family, including preparing a meal for our last Sunday gathering before I leave them for the month.

All is well in Him, my Prince of Peace. Amazing, isn't He?