Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Johannes Tribute

This young man was sent our way in July. He left today to return home to Germany.

He amazed us in many ways over and over again.

While here he ran two 5K races, winning 1st place in his division, then 1st place overall. He had never run a race before.

He played his first baseball game. Although this sport has gained popularity in some areas of the world, it is not a familiar sport for Europeans. At his first at bat, he connected solidly with the ball. As it soared into the outfield, he ran to first -- and kept right on running to the outfield. No one told him how to run the bases. I suppose they didn't expect such a solid hit from this novice!

He tried his hand at tennis, flag football, and backyard volleyball, showing his athletic skill in every venue.

One Sunday morning shortly after his arrival the worship team gathered for practice only to learn that the bassist that day was not able to make it. Johannes saw the need and was soon conscripted, somewhat willingly, I might add. He was amazing! We loved his bass playing.

In our music room Josh took his usual spot at the piano and began playing some jazz standards. Soon Johannes slipped onto the bench next to him, filling in the chords with great melodic lines, creating fun rhythms and tunes. What a great jazz pianist he proved to be!

Day in and day out, an ongoing summer project was needing work. Every spare moment found Johannes up on our tin roof, grinding, priming, or painting. For hours on end, he determined to see sections finished before calling it quits that day. We were all incredibly blessed by his servanthood, both in example and accomplishment.

As soon as he arrived, I found him regularly standing by my side in the kitchen, cleaning dishes as I cooked, stirring soups when I was called to the phone, lifting the large pots to empty them. During meals he refilled the water pitchers, condiments, casserole dish -- whatever needed attention was cared for without request from me. If there was something to do, he did it; here was yet another example to all of us of true servanthood. Johannes had determined to be a part of what we were doing and did not shirk or hold back.

Intelligent and talented yet humble, ready to share, non-demanding, thinking of others first, always pleasant, never complaining. These characteristics mark this young man of God. I am wondering and waiting to see what our Father in Heaven has in store for such a one as this.

"Lord, may Johannes find his purpose and plan bound up in his love for You. As he seeks You, may Your paths open to him. Use this precious young man; teach him Your ways that he may prosper all of his days, that Your kingdom may come in his life. Thank you for these few short weeks together. May all You did in his heart while here in our midst remain. May the seeds planted bring forth abundant life. And may we meet again. Amen."


Blogger Lore Ferguson said...

Wow. What a true description. What a blessing he has been around here! I hope that he'll find his way back here--and soon!

11:51 AM  
Blogger sam said...

He certainly did have a servant's heart, what a fine young man. What a blessing his time was for all who were able to get to know him.

12:12 PM  

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