Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Simple Moments

Simple joys are easy for my little sanguine-type buddy. His body was traced with black marker on large white paper today and will soon accommodate several life-size cutouts of crayon colored body parts. Today's offering was a brain with attached spinal cord. We have many left to do, but, oh, what excitement this has produced! I love it -- he loves it. That's a pretty good deal for us.

Lighted candles, a free computer or a book, a warm cup of tea -- these are the delights for my daughter. They are simple enough as well. The other girl finds her free time spent at the piano playing duets with a passerby, singing an original tune, reading through a Broadway collection, or practicing her Bach Fugue. Hot chocolate completes her happiness. Simple pleasures as well.

We can be complicated people, but I am happy, too, when we keep it simple. Thankfully, they do know how. They are a good crew, this little bunch.


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