Saturday, September 20, 2008


Today we celebrated my father's 80th birthday. My family is not accustomed to sharing accolades. Growing up, words of praise were more than scarce. They were unspoken, except when my folks would boast to others of a child's accomplishments.

So as my dad sat in the seat of honor, with all eyes on him, receiving applause, genuine words of appreciation, and some tears, he basked in the love and acceptance. So did my mother. Their souls, existing for multiple decades in this unkind, broken world, were thirsty for affirmation; they soaked it all in. A few of their own tears were brushed away, and I sensed their hearts were softened a bit more. "Lord, touch their hearts, open their eyes to see the wonders of Your boundless love. Amen."

I'm tired now. Preparing a meal for this household plus relatives from out of town is a task. Not overwhelming anymore, I must admit. After recently feeding 100+ for two consecutive Sundays, this seemed simple. I didn't even start planning this meal until yesterday afternoon. After all, there would only be 25-30 people. ;)

None the less, tired I am, so hubby and I crawled into bed early. Below us in the music room we soon hear the voices of several young people tuning to the strains of a popular hymn, "It Is Well". Tomorrow morning's special music is being rehearsed. My heart is warmed. Nothing pleases me more than to realize that they love each other and want to work together. I don't know exactly who is singing, except that Johannes, our house guest for the past two months, is among them. This will be his final Sunday with us -- he returns to Germany Tuesday. That is sad for all who reside here at 1942. What a fine young man he is. I can't help wondering if he will be back someday. He has been knit to our hearts. One must invest freely. There is great fruit in so doing.


The gardens are slowly gaining order once again. After the boost from some dear friends who weeded and trimmed one large island garden, I gained fresh inspiration. Every spring I determine that I will be a faithful tender of the yard in the fall as well, but when this season arrives I am always engrossed in school and fall cleaning. But, thanks to them, I am getting some fall gardening done.


Life sweeps over, around, under, taking you along. Days flow by endlessly, seemingly. But we all know they will end one day. We all know that each day brings change, growth, aging.

Eternity. Yes, that's the ticket for me. I'll take that one, thank you.


How good and faithful You are, O Lord of Hosts. How I trust in You for this day and all yet to come. I am thankful for people in my life, for the treasure of shared fellowship, the beauty of love expressed. This has been a full day, a blessed day, a day made by You for You. Thank You for Your wondrous generosity to me. I stand in awe and gratitude. Amen.


Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

So grateful am I to have already purchased that "Eternity Ticket", many years ago....

Until then, it is rewarding to invest in others. We will miss Johannes!

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