Thursday, October 09, 2008

Countdown -- or up...

Th. - Fri. - Sat. - Sun. - then Monday, take off!

So what are the needed things? I have responsibilities, of course. I'm committed to school plans, both here at home and in my volunteer position for the support group we attend. My kids, other kids, and parents are counting on me. So, those responsibilities must be fulfilled -- somehow I will find time for those things.

I have relationships which are commitments needing my care, even in absence. New clothes for my husband are essential before I leave. That is a primary concern. Must take care of that. My children deserve attention as well; clothes must be thought through, additional chore responsibilities carefully divvied up, food pantries and freezers filled, and of course, a wedding to organize. Whew!

So much to think about. But most of all I want to spend time with each one of these special people. So imaginations of Sunday dinner settle on the horizon of my mind's view. Maybe the whole crew can assemble (it takes planning for that to happen around here -- better have them set the day aside quickly!)

Happy planning of your own days!


Blogger sam said...

Thinking of you as you prepare to leave for CA and take care of all your commitments.

10:07 AM  
Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

do you really have to go?

just kidding....I am excited for you. Please tell your family--almost as dear to me as my own--that I am on "stand-by" for them.

here comes Dunphey Baby #2!! yay!

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I am still dazed after reading all of your preparations for leaving. There is a lot of organization so that all will run smoothly during your time away. Prep -prep - and more prep - Scheduling and organizing - organizing and scheduling. Watching you for years has assured me that everything will go smoothly. You have also trained your children up as they are to go, plus many of your babes are growing up and are grown now and ready to fill in those extra needs too. To finish the task of the prep for your husband as he tends to daily life and Sundays. It is precious and sweet as he talks of how you do this, and he really amazes me in this aspect, for he enjoys this aspect it seems. I find it highly interesting, but little tidbits come back of when I was married so long ago, and my husband looked forward as I prepared his apparel for his business meeetings or whatever his line of work was at the time. can relax knowing he isn't going to put some oddity together or if he did, and he didn't have time to change, all of us here at church would let you know what he wore that so astounded us......
How wonderful and exciting for Danica to have her mom with her during this delivery. (I wish I could hop in your bag with you as that would put me only three hours from my California family)
Enjoy your babies and family and know I am praying for a quick and easy delivery for Danica, and you enjoy Ryan and Jameson and your newborn grandchild.
You will surely be missed and prayed for as well as your familiy here and blessed in ways comforting to you. God bless. bb

11:53 PM  
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