Thursday, August 14, 2008

Me? Looking For Something New?

We are contemplating some new theatrical adventures for yours truly. Looking and praying for wisdom in use of this most precious of commodities -- time. And a second most precious commodity -- creative energy.

I've entered a different season of life, one I've never quite experienced before. But not entirely. Although I am older with many adult children, I still have three school children at home in need of investment of both time and creative energy. They are the primary recipients of such treasure and rightfully so. It is bar far my greatest joy to give myself for them. I know now not only by faith but from experience that investing in my children provides a guaranteed return. They will benefit, I will benefit, the kingdom of heaven benefits, and God benefits. It is the wisest of all investment choices for one blessed with the stewardship of young lives.

But this new adventure would not overlook that investment -- it would simply accommodate it in a different way. That is part of the weighing -- will the balances remain even in the long run or will too much have been given away, too much that belongs to husband, home, and family. After all, that is my primary calling -- always.

So as I dream and as we pray, as we consider how to best steward time and creative energy, I am confident of His hand to help guide. And however He leads there will be ample adventure.

Because, after all, you know me and so does He -- always looking for a new adventure!