Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big Rocks First

Song is busy cooking Korean potato pizza, and it is being consumed as quickly as it comes out of the pan. Food doesn't last long around here, and I hope this isn't too overwhelming for her. She was just telling me that she was once withdrawn when meeting new people, but since living here she has learned how to interact in a positive way. She is happy about that.

Over the weekend I learned from another one of our 1942 add-ons (that's what we've taken to calling our extra kids these days) that he comes from what is known as a "broken home" and since being around our home he has discovered more of what family life is all about; he told about enjoying the simple but regular morning greeting he was met with each day. Just an ordinary but heartfelt "Good morning -- how are you today?" has meant the world to him.

We are now preparing for the arrival of a new friend who will join us from Germany. Friday is the beginning of his two month American adventure -- and we get to be a part of it. Even as I write, the papa of the house is talking with the big boys of the house to see what arrangements need to be made to best accommodate his stay here. We want him -- and everyone else -- to be as comfortable as possible. But we all know that with so many in one home there will be sacrifice and opportunities for tolerance aplenty. But, oh, how good those lessons are!

As I was washing dishes earlier and Song was cooking I mentioned that I hoped our somewhat motley crew and haphazard approach wouldn't be too undoing for Johannes, explaining that German culture was known for being orderly and disciplined. We haven't exactly attained 5 stars in that area yet this summer. She smiled and said, "But we are still pretty orderly compared to many homes." I felt her pride at sharing our home with someone new. She was thinking of the love shared and the care given to each one. And I felt a measure of success, in spite of our often times of disarray. She felt happy here, was learning to love here, and was experiencing joy here. He has moved in our midst.

I guess even if we have some things to learn that's a pretty good start.


Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

Let me try that morning-greeting this way:

Good Morning! How are you today?--and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, too!!!

Looking forward to our day at the opera this weekend.

7:56 AM  

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