Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Within one month on two different occasions, I have been reintroduced to fellow classmates of SUNY Potsdam's Class of 1977. After 30+ years, what is happening?

Last month I was at a rehearsal for a local talent show when the trumpet player, a music teacher at Hermon DeKalb, turned to me and announced, "We were in school together." To make a long story short, he was right! He recognized me when I walked in the room (I could boast here and say that I haven't changed a bit but we all know better. I think the bigness of the smile probably gave it away!) Keith Shult hung around with me and a fellow trumpet player, Mark Giroux, those first few days when we were all trying to figure out what this college thing was all about. Haven't seen him since then. Amazing.

Last night at CPS rehearsal we were running the opening scene. The gentleman who plays my husband in that scene whispered to me, "I heard you say that you know Lisa Vroman -- that you graduated just a couple of years before her. I think we may have been in school together." (Lisa is a professional stage performer. I'm going to see her at the Glimmerglass Opera Theater in Kiss Me Kate later this month!)

What? Another one? After quoting to him my graduation year, he agreed that his class was also the Class of '77. I couldn't resist asking the question, "Did you know Mark Giroux, my friend the trumpet player?" "Know him -- of course I knew him!" "How about my husband, Rick Sinclair?" "Yeah! The bass man!" Amazing.

So I'm having my own private class reunion these days and it's fun, I must admit! It's good to get out a bit now and then -- you just never know who you might meet -- or meet again!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

About costuming--here's the thing: I don't sew either! :-) It's a strange world where the non-seamtresses design costumes and get people who can actually sew to make the costumes, but there it is. Although we'll see, if it's two days before the production and things aren't done, you may see me trying to sew out of desperation--or bringing out my trusty hot glue gun. ;-)

7:07 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

Didn't Mark Giroux write a few popular choruses that we used to sing--at least at IVCF?

9:27 AM  

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