Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Play Dates For the Aged

Play times have begun -- literally.

Rehearsals are underway for the CPS production of My Fair Lady. My daughter, Louissa, and I are joining in the fun. The times of choreography and choral practice have been both fun and frustrating, full of compliments and criticism, laced with good-will and grumpiness. The directors provide the latter, everyone takes turns sharing the second items on my list, and I take responsibility for the first. Got that?

The fun is obvious (if you know me, that is.) I love song and dance and acting and make-believe. In fact, I attend all of Louissa's rehearsals as well as my own just because I want to learn the dances. The frustration comes from the sure revelation that I do not learn this stuff as quickly as I once did, the realization that my voice is not as strong anymore, and experiencing first hand that this body just isn't moving as well these days. Huh. Really frustrating at times. Downright discouraging actually. But...

... my attendance at all those extra rehearsals of Louissa's paid off last night when they needed a replacement for an ensemble. Guess who was ready and knew all the staging! You got it! So now I am not only Mrs. Pearce, the stuffy old housekeeper, but I will also play an uppity-high society type as well in the Ascot Opening Race scene. This scene is fun with no frustration at all. It is slow moving and easy for even this ol' girl to keep up with!

So pardon me while I busy myself with a hobby that is an absolute favorite -- well, maybe absolute, because there are always gardening, shopping, decorating, and travel; I may be a bit absent here for days on end as the NY director arrives next week and staging rehearsals for Mrs. Pearce keep me hopping. They will run all day as well as evenings for a good long time. I will try to develop a good thought or two to share with you every now and then just to assure you that I have not been raptured (leaving all of you behind?) or died prematurely (at least prematurely in my humble estimation), nor have I run off to some distant land (are you kidding? and miss these fabulous rehearsals?!!)

I'm just inordinately busy playing these days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have made this sound like so much fun, I almost wish I could sing and dance. helen k.

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem possible that I've never seen My Fair Lady. I couldn't even imagine what the story is about. When I asked Eric if he had seen it- his answer: "Do you know who my mom is? I could quote the entire thing."

7:51 PM  
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