Monday, July 28, 2008


Life is pleasant -- I am having fun. Currently.
The bittersweet realization that today will be gone when I next awaken resides deep within my heart. And I remember once again:

Passing through. Just passing through.

Relationships may seem so important, but they are either gifts of joy from Him, yielding encouragement, fun, and good times of deep fellowship which will continue forever in a better place, or opportunities for ministry of encouragement, sharing the hope of the gospel, or imparting truth.

Occupations and undertakings bring momentary satisfaction. What is important today is often insignificant tomorrow. A finished project will fade, tarnish. Enjoy it now, for it will not yield the same joy tomorrow.

Hold everything loosely, save Him and the glorious hope of salvation.

Heaven is the true goal, the final destiny, the resting place. I am building now for eternity, not for an abode here. This is broken and finite; that is perfection unending.

I'll remember, I'm only passing through.


Blogger The Growing Goodsons said...

Great post. I needed this reminder. What you said about relationships is so true. I need to look at people who don't know the Lord as a ministry opportunity more often than I do. Thanks for the reminder.


8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job last night! Wonderful show! -Helen

7:22 AM  
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