Monday, August 25, 2008

Gold Digger

The elderly gentleman had a long list of credentials -- dean of the school of theology here, head of the department of theology there, participation on boards of translators, pastoring -- to name a few. All wonderful.

He began speaking and I wondered just exactly what he would bring to us. As he began I was doubtful. Speculation caused me to conclude that it might be a display of academic prowess. That may fascinate some, but I tend to get lost and, honestly, bored.

He spoke about prayer and some basic truths. We always need reminders, but this was truly basic stuff. "Come on, now, you're speaking to the choir here, not the 'newbies'."

Then suddenly he brought us to John. He was going to expound upon abiding in the vine. I sat up and shut up. This was no subject for amateurs. These are scriptures of profound implication. One must dig down deep to discover these hidden treasures. Breaking this passage into consumable bites for even "mature believers" is challenging, and I, for one, listened intently. I was not disappointed.

He spoke about abiding. He taught about branches and vines; fruitfulness and pruning; bad, good, and best. It was rich indeed. So rich we all went home realizing we had feasted, and feasted well. We will be chewing for days.

This man knows this passage. He lives this truth. His practice of abiding in Christ was clearly evident as the life of Christ and the eternal principles of the true vine were revealed in his words to us. This was not head knowledge, but heart knowledge. His life had been God's to use and great fruit had been borne.

His true credentials were at last on display.


Blogger thisrequiresthought said...

I am sorry to have missed it! Last night was the first rehearsal of community chorus....

when I think of my own "credentials", I am quickly humbled. we can accomplish many seemingly important things on this earth...but what matters is what we have done for Him.

Of course, we cannot merely DO things, we are called to do them in love and cloaked with His strength.

a tall order!
Lord, help us to abide in the vine.

7:34 AM  
Blogger nymrsb said...

I re-found notes from a speaker two years ago on the same topic. While that one was good, Monday night's was bountiful.

2:47 PM  
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