Tuesday, June 17, 2008

7. Completes the List

1. Looked at one of the older houses in Madrid. (If you check out the link, it is the third house down, the A. Chandler home.) It is on the market and I was privileged to view it top to bottom. Loved its charm and history!

2. Ate some fun Korean food for lunch. Song Yi Lee cooks quite regularly around here since she loves to cook and I'm happy to have her do so! Yummy!

3. Started rehearsals for My Fair Lady tonight. I'm singing first soprano alone in a septet -- hoping I manage to keep my voice throughout the season and still hit those high Bflats!

4. Watched a movie with my daughters and houseguests or boarders or whatever you call them. Cannot say that I can recommend the film without reservations. We had to skip a scene or two and filter out plenty of innuendos. I'm not sure I liked it well enough for all that nonsense. There are some good moments, love that lasts, and all those kinds of nice things, but too much other stuff, too. Why do they have to do that anyway?

5. Jameson has a bit of a tummy bug. Poor little guy. I hope Danica doesn't get it -- or anyone else, for that matter!

6. Jesus is the love of my life. Life is wonderful, but so very broken, too. What a crummy world, what a beautiful creation. His love started it all, but sin entered. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. Eternity is His love minus the sin. What a wonder that will be. Really. It's a deal no one should miss out on. Please get saved if you're not!

7. Good night to all.


Blogger Kate said...

I checked out the house and can I just say that... I fell in love with it? So... we already toyed with the idea of looking to move out that way, any ideas on how I can talk my husband into it? ;-) Besides the fact that he said he already loves the church and we'd have instant church family... any good ideas??

The house looks like a good size for our growing clan!

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I know the people that own that house. Anita worked for County Government the same time I did and our offices were next door to eachother. Very, very nice people.

When I was younger, much younger, our family lived in the gold colored house on the corner of State and School St. I used to ride my bike down to this house and up around the curved sidewalk. This brings back many memories to me. There used to be a small store just before the house that is beside the Kimballs. Many memories flood my head as we used to carry our pepsi bottles to the store and buy penny candy. Can't find that buy any more. Chocolate bars were 5 cents then.

The house has been on the market I believe for almost 2 years as Ronnie and I were selling my family homestead on State Street about the same time the Kimballs had their house on the market.

Both Ron and I lived in Madrid all of our lives. I can say that I don't know what it is like to live anywhere else.

Much love,

10:37 PM  
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