Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Lovely Word

Homemaker = HOME + MAKER

home: a house or other shelter that is the usual residence of a family or person; the place in which one's domestic affections are centered; any place of refuge or residence

maker: one who makes or manufactures

The Bible says that women are to be homemakers (Titus 2:3-5). I am to be one who manufactures a center for domestic affections, one who makes a refuge for my family.

Unfortunately my heart is prone to wander. Being a product of my generation, I am well endued with a sense of adventure and independence. Add to that my natural fascination with the new rather than the familiar. Hence the need for regular reminders.

Reminder: I was created for His purposes, not my own. This is to be my main focus: His will, His call, His plan. He intended for me to discover His will and follow after it. And for me that is homemaking. Still. Until the end.

Ahh. This is good. This is very good. Just remembering and obeying is good. Very good.

Sometimes we are necessarily away from the homefront. And sometimes it is appropriate. But often enough, it is not. I am simply being distracted or making imprudent choices. Shocking, isn't it.

Therefore I have discovered a new question which has become my companion these days, a real friend:
If I am not here today, who will "make the home"?

Simple, I know. But sometimes simple is just what I need. It's as good as a "slap up the side of the head", if you will. And, yup, sometimes I need those, too.


Blogger Quinne said...

Who will make it, indeed! Whew! Isn't it interesting that when we as wives and mommies have our act together being the heart of the family and the refuge maker (oooh! I like that) - so many many other of the details run well? Thanks for this today, Darlene :) Love, Q

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen & amen, Darlene. :D Love you!

1:40 PM  

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