Friday, September 28, 2007

Prayer Snippets

~ Miguel, a young man from Spain, has been visiting with us for a while now. He is already such a part of the family. Merrick loves him. He will leave us on October 6th and I will be sad to see him go. He is polite, genuine, interested, caring. Lord, I pray that You will fill his heart with fresh vision for serving You with his life.

~ Today Miguel, Rick, and Merrick took off for Maine where they will gather up Danica and Jameson with their belongings and make the trek home tomorrow. She will be here until the 9th of October. Hooray!! This mom can hardly wait! Lord, please bring them safely home and prosper their journey in every way.

~ Brietta and Daniel continue the vigil in Syracuse and are finding more and more success. Baby Aubrey is nursing more often and with greater efficiency. That is great news! Complete success on that front will most likely yield a ticket home. And we all know that is highly desired by a weary mom and dad and their young ones back home. But to see God's provision all along the way has been a wonderful reminded of His great faithfulness in all the details of our lives. Lord, let Your Name be glorified as Your faithfulness is witnessed by many!

~ At home, mom is busy with her daughters sorting clothes, making lists of every article owned as well as "items to be purchased" lists. Guitar, violin, and piano are being practiced, books are read, vocabulary written out, and maybe even some cleaning of those dusty corners. I bowed out of the Maine trip for just such purposes. May our days be fruitful, oh Lord.

~ A weekly neighborhood book study is yielding good discussion. New moms, seasoned moms, tried and true Christians, searchers, young believers - all meeting together to talk about life issues. It is good. May Your Hand be upon all we say and do for the furtherance of Your Kingdom in our lives.

~ And may you all be blessed by the knowledge of the Holy One which is understanding!


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