Sunday, September 16, 2007


Sitting in the waiting room at Crouse Irving Memorial, my mind tries to comprehend that just 8 1/2 years ago I was here as the mom, doing what my daughter is now doing. This time around I am Nana. Amazing.

At any rate, we brought our Brietta here an hour ago after Daniel called to say that she could come and nurse the baby. Hooray! She quickly washed, prettied up with a touch of makeup, and we made our way over. In no time it was evident that little Aubrey was more interested in cuddling and sleeping. Her Mama was happy with that, to say the least.

Meanwhile, a grandson in CA is celebrating his first birthday (the date was actually yesterday, but the celebration happens officially today.) Life moves faster and faster as the celebrations of life multiply. And I've suspected those celebrations will increase for me. These are years of reaping. Sowing has yielded a bountiful harvest which loudly proclaims the faithfulness of my Great God. I join with the song of praise and declare that His Ways are Holy and True. Forever I will sing.

Forever! Amen.


Blogger danica said...

Funny -- I read this post and thought how much more of a whirlwind life must seem for you than for many others. In reality, it's not moving that much faster -- it's just that most people don't have nine kids, with a son only a bit older than the grandbabies! Usually there are 20 some years between the repeating cycles!

...And Ryan always gets a laugh when he says, "Yeah, my brother-in-law is eight."


1:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get a kick out of hearing Gabriel call Merrick, "Uncle Merrick!"

BTW, the Tomfords enjoyed our time with "Uncle Merrick." He fit right in with the crew. They played Rome soliders for hours on the swing set yesterday and after dinner had a movie night. I tucked them into bed around 8:30 and they all sleep soundly.

We continue to pray for you all. Please give Aubrey hugs from her CFC family!


8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh! Sorry about the typos. :-)

9:07 AM  

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