Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Kiddo-type Day

Immediately upon entering my home this morning she emptied her "pack-pack" of all sorts of pink frills and accessories (as any true "Fancy Nancy" disciple would.) She quickly slipped into the heeled pink and purple slides, donned the boa trimmed sheer pink skirt, floated the matching boa edged sheer pink cape over her head (it is permanently tied in a knot which defies even this well-experienced grandmother), then finished her outfit off with a flourish: a spangled pink tiara was fixed atop her long, golden, dancing curls. Oh, a correction is in order. She then finished off her outfit with an almost instant smile, blue twinkling eyes, and a declaration of being "a princess!" I could see right then and there that this would be fun.

While Uncle Merrick did school, the three grandkiddies busied themselves in Nana's family room with Little People and Playmo-feel. Gabriel soon joined Merrick for our out-loud reading of Columbus by D'Aulaire. Two little men snuggled next to me, Mama and Nana, on the love seat. Sweet.

Lunch was now the order of the day. As the meal was winding down, I looked up to see Bronwyn bringing one pink and purple heeled shoe to her ear. With her best phone voice she begins, "Hello. Camilla, hello. I'm in my office now."


Her little mind quickly flips through mental note cards. Just what do grown up secretaries ask next?

"So, how is your lipstick?" she quipped in earnest tone.

*grand pause*

Camilla tried to regain composure as she considered how to respond. How is your lipstick? The innocent question echoed in her head and mine. We caught eyes and held back our snickers (well, sort of...)

Ah, yes. Little ones (plural) were in my house today. I know for many of you this is everyday stuff. Once upon a time it was everyday for me as well. But suddenly those days seemed so long ago as once again my lunch room filled with multiple cute little voices chirping and quipping (Uncle Merrick is now the big kid on the block), creating delightful moments of laughter. May I say it again - sweet.

There's a saying old - says that... we should enjoy them now, while they're young. I used to wonder at that comment: is it cynical, or not? I suppose it can mean many things to different people.

But I do know this: childhood slips by. Take it from me - make sure it does not go by unnoticed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post is so nice ,I enjoyed it so much. It is so true that before long they grow up and become so independant. I miss that age when they are always saying something funny and have such fun playing.
As for your question about who's life group we are in. Stevens brother Chris White holds a life group for 9 couples at his house every other Sunday. Out of the 9 couples Steven went to school with 7 of the people. This winter when Steven was sick they invited us to become part of it.
We love it because we are so excited that so many of his class mates are now saved. We are the only couple from CFC, the rest attend New Testament. We are blessed to be a part of it.
I hope that you have a great evening and I appreciate your comments.

3:42 PM  
Blogger Quinne said...

Even in the midst of them, the days seem to be slipping by... Thank you for the reminder to shake myself awake again and really, really see. Love, Q

8:26 PM  

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