Monday, August 27, 2007

Curriculum Saga Continues (see previous post)

I have officially ordered math workbooks for the littlest student in the Sinclair Academy of Fine Arts (I determined long ago that we would undoubtedly major in the arts - try as I might, it was inevitable. Somehow even our science ended up with song and dance.)

I also discovered that last year I had given permission to consume the consumable vocab books, so replacements were also purchased.

A search through the bookshelves yielded a fun find for history/English. As I laid my hand on Alistair Cooke's America, I fully intended to discard it to the "remove from shelves permanently" pile, foolishly assuming it was one of those coffee table texts full of panoramic views of mountains, plains, valleys, and red barns. It had found its way into my home when a faithful daughter along with an almost daughter attended a local library give-away day. They carted home boxes full of unwanted volumes and America was amidst the collection. Up on the shelf it went, relegated to the miscellaneous picture book assemblage. There is nothing inherently wrong with coffee table books but now, in my minimize and simplify mood, it was about to move on once more. But...

...a quick peek inside revealed much more than sweeping photos. Here was a retelling of the American story from Colonial days to the Vietnam era, all from this quippish Brit's perspective. This was just what I needed! It is chock full of photos and portraits I've never seen along with "real people" stories. It is the American chronicle in larger page format, not as overwhelming as a weighty high school text, with wonderfully colored illustrations and such. This would serve well as our main core of study, the skeleton, if you will, of our lessons.

I then reached for my favorite assistant: Beautiful Feet History by Rea and Rebecca Berg. These old standbys would provide ideas for fleshing out our studies. I gathered up the primary, intermediate, and advanced curriculum for American History and began to plot. I'm not very far along but all my children now have reading, writing, vocab, and music assignments to correlate with the America text through to October. I also have a general idea of how we will utilize the entire volume throughout the year.

Twenty-one years later, I am needing a fresh approach. As I once confessed, I delight in new and different more than many. So, my Lord has indulged me once again. He is a good and wonderful God for many good and wonderful reasons. Knowing me and my desires, and somehow meeting those desires is one of them, no doubt!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such fun! We are also studying American History this year here at The Tomford Academy for Boys. I will be using the History of US volumes. I must say they look fabulous. We will have to compare notes as the year progresses. However, I don't think dance will be part of my curriculum! :-)
Love ya,
Judes :-)

4:13 PM  
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