Friday, August 24, 2007

Kingdom Employment Stats: Always A Job Available

Pray for laborers. There is work to be done.

The Lord Himself told us to pray for laborers. And I am currently reminded that there is a plentiful harvest waiting, but few laborers. There is reaping to be done, but few reapers. There is a harvest brought in, but few caregivers.

I repeat: there is work to be done.

Workers needed:
1. sowing
2. harvesting
3. putting up the harvest

What part are you doing? Surely you fit in somewhere. There are needs of all types of labor, from evangelism to discipleship to administration to hospitality. The local church needs musicians, children's care and teaching, table wiping, floor sweeping, computer keyboard typists, etc., etc.

Yes, we are busy at home, and rightly so. But the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31 fame found time for the poor and needy as well. The top priority must continue to be home and hearth, but if we look only inward, we miss opportunities to show love and teach love to others. We must not be guilty of personal kingdom building. Stretching our hearts to include the church necessarily means investing time, energy, and talents.

What need can you meet? How can you help your local church serve the lost community? Is there a way to help that new believer grow and become established? Are their young children learning the Word of God (how can these new believers teach what they do not know? Can't we hold their hands for a season until they are established?) Is God being glorified in worship, in the welcoming nature of the building, in the excellence of the bulletin boards? Find a niche and plug in. I know of very few pastors who would turn down your cheerful help! And while you help, your children learn to have servants' hearts with a passion for the flock of God.

You guessed it - it's fall in this pastor's home and we are contemplating anew the ministries that our church offers. And as usual, there is far more to do than we seem to have hands for. So we must consider priorities, but we must also get on our knees and pray for laborers.

Those laborers are you and me. There's a job with heavenly benefits waiting for us.


Blogger Quinne said...

Hi Darlene! It's fall in this pastor's home, too :) Thank you for this precious reminder. Love, Q

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