Sunday, September 02, 2007

Homemakers Who Don't Gossip

This morning I concluded an eight week class for young ladies. Together we have been studying Titus 2:3-5. When asked to review the topics covered each week and then comment on what was significant for them, I was pleased and a bit surprised by the responses.

The discussion on the destructive nature of slander had changed the whole mode of conversation for a particular group of friends. They now keep one another accountable and are quick to repent and change the course of topic whenever it gets negative. Hallelujah! If the whole church practiced what these young girls have learned, how blessed would be the body of Christ!

There were a variety of other answers given as well, but the subject studied that impacted them the most was homemaking.

One young lady said her life was changed in the past few weeks in several ways but what she learned about the art of homemaking was most significant. She had always thought of women who were solely homemakers as weak. With tears in her eyes she acknowledged that reading Proverbs 31 revealed a different type of woman. She now recognized the strength required to do that job successfully. "My calling has been made clear to me through this," were her closing words. Precious beyond measure.

One of my daughters who has been attending commented that many things discussed were of value but she, too, was highly affected by our talk on the power and value of a Godly home. "I understood once again why I love to come home. And I realize that that's what I want to do someday," she said, referring to creating a place of peace and refuge for husband and children.

The Bible is amazing. It never grows old. Titus 2 means as much today as it did the first time I looked at it. The principles are timeless. How I love the Word of God. Young women were touched, molded, and changed forever through the living, washing, renewing Word.

As the class ended, I concluded that with those kinds of results, it was well worth the effort.


Blogger carole said...

Hi Darlene! I had the priveledge of "riding the wave" of Peggy's high from your little retreat at Tupper Lake. (we joined her on Wednesday last week for a little vacation time) I'm glad she and John have you and the Eble's as friends.

I just thought I'd comment since I love the Titus 2 passage, especially since reading Carolyn Mahaney's book Feminine Appeal. Maybe you've already seen it. If not, you should check it out! :)

-Carole McNamara

1:00 PM  
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