Friday, August 17, 2007

The Great White Way

The Drowsy Chaperone was viewed by several of our gang on Wednesday evening. We hit up the TKTS booth on Times Square and bought half price tickets (still not what you and I would think of as a bargain, but we will write it off as an educational expense.) It proved to be a delightfully entertaining musical full of corny jokes, acrobatic stunts, tap dance, and lively characters. Lots of hearty laughs! Unfortunately there were some off-color comments as well, but they were fairly minimal. What a disappointment, though.

Last evening hubby and I attended Frost Nixon with his sister, Judy, and her husband, Huck. It was nothing short of wonderful. The actors presented drama that was thoroughly engrossing, deftly drawing the audience into the 1977 scenario depicting the famous David Frost interviews with the then resigned President Nixon. Who would have thought that it could make for fascinating theater? As usual, the script alone could not do it, the actors alone could not do it. It's that magic combination of fabulous playwright, director, and actors. Simply put, I loved it!

As we left the theater I couldn't help but notice Angela Lansbury's new show across the way. Wouldn't I love to see such an experienced craftsman (or is that craftswoman?) as she takes control of the stage. Who can imagine her presence in that arena? She would undoubtedly be phenomenal. But the reviews are less than fabulous (the two ladies had glowing reviews but the script did not) and my budget is definitely less than ample at this point. Ah, well. Broadway will have to wait...

It has been fun. Most assuredly this is a favorite hobby of mine. Some people like hunting, some golf - I'll take theater, dance, and all the trappings.

And say, if Angela Lansbury can still be starring at her age, who knows what lies ahead for me? Hey, I can dream, can't I?