Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sundry, for sure

Just sundry thoughts from me today.

The gray skies seem okay when you're busy. At least you think they are. Then you realize that your thoughts are clouded and you can't help but wonder - would sunshine bursting out upon the scene, bringing a clear blue sky, possibly render clarity to your thought process as well? I, for one, would be glad to find out!

We are experiencing wonderful meetings at our church. Prophets are revealing God's marvelous plans for prosperity, blessing, deliverance, renewing, enlargement. No good is withheld, every evil is set to naught. This is a mighty God we serve whose love is boundless. On nights such as these, we get an even bigger glimpse of this love. (He is never stingy with revelation of His love.) It is amazing.

High Button Shoes, the musical I am directing for our home school group, is most promising. The leading man is doing a phenomenal job, setting a good standard for all of us. Costumes are always fantastic when a certain lady is involved - and hooray - she is! Sets are charming and innovative (for us; we have a shoestring budget and little backstage room, but wagons have been introduced this year - platforms on wheels which render simpler movement, hopefully.) And the music sparkles. If you like "turn of the century" tunes (the old century, that is), dance of all kinds, slapstick comedy ala Keystone Cops, corny jokes, and Model-T Fords, this is a show for you. Or if you just want an evening of fun entertainment, this may just what you are looking for. So consider joining us on April 27 & 28. Show starts at 7:30pm!

The shooting in Virginia is sobering, but not be surprising. Our culture slips farther from God, His principles pooh poohed, so why should we wonder at lawlessness creeping in? Sin cannot be condoned in one arena without making a show in another. God doesn't present a buffet to be picked at, taking whatever strikes our fancy. What is more - we don't even get a menu. The bablanced meal is of His choosing; He prepares, we partake and benefit from His careful choice of nutrition and delight. So if we pass on one thing, we pass on it all. And that is sobering. Time to pray for revival. We need a cultural turn around. Our nation needs to fall on its knees and honor Him once again.

I'm feeling a bit tired, but I'm still plugging away. Eternity always looms ahead, a future of unending existence in His presence. That is enough to keep this faint heart moving on. His beautiful presence.


Blogger sam said...

Oh how we long to be there for presbytery! We are especially sad that Mitchell is not able to participate, now that he is a senior. Kara, however, is already mapping out plans to be there for next year. A girl with a vision, that is for sure.

I am still wishing the sermons were up on the website, especially after hearing the rave reviews about this past Sunday. Would it be possible to get a CD or tape of it?

Looking forward to seeing someone's video of the show. Tell Jeremy his Minnesota fans are sorry they can not be there. :)

Have a great week!

2:34 PM  
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