Saturday, March 31, 2007

Day By Day

Well, I did it again! Another meal made and shared. And now I'm making a pancake breakfast for some of my household and a visiting daughter and grandchildren.

In spite of musical rehearsals which demand much of my creative energy I am determined to keep things somewhat intact around here - at least until "production week" (the days preceding opening night are filled with nightly rehearsals and daily scrambles to get everything ready and in place!)

My cold really plagued me yesterday; my mind was a bit addled and my energy was a bit zapped (for instance, I forgot to turn off my lavalier mic when using the bathroom - needless to say, I returned to the stage to find a crew of kids in hysterics! We do get to know each other pretty well during this time...) But all in all, we had a great rehearsal. The kids are doing a wonderful job, exceeding my expectations. You'll be sure to want to come, if you are in the area! (High Button Shoes - Fri. and Sat. April 27&28, 7:30pm, CFC Auditorium)

Off to the griddle I go. Then I will bury myself in a script to finish up some choreography before today's l-o-n-g rehearsal begins (1:30 - 6:15pm). Have a good one!